Angel’s Billabong Beach Nusa Penida

angels billabong nusa penida

Angel’s Billabong is a short walk from Pasih Uug, an amazing rock formation that is a natural infinity pool.  The “pool” can be accessed by climbing down rocks ( which can be challeging), it is not advised to swim on high tide and when there is a swell.

Angel Billabong is located at Banjar Sompang, Bunga Mekar village or about 40 minutes from Dermaga Banjar Nyuh port (angel bilabong fast cruise port).

This natural pond filled by seawater that rose when high waves and then trapped to form a pool with very clear water. To get to this pool you have to be careful because you must go down through sharp rocks an make sure you use sandals.

angels billabong beach

When you see this emerald green water you cannot resist from feeling to swim here. You can swim as much as you want but be careful when sea wave is high its become very dangerous because you can swept by that wave out to sea.

Angel’s Billabong, the rock around us began to turn into a volcanic, sharp rock. walking towards the pool, the emerald green water stood out so clearly among the dark rocks and blue water behind it. There were several visitors just hanging out on the sides, so we decided to be the first ones in and had the entire pool to ourselves. Walking on the sharp rocks barefoot was pretty painful, and it took some careful maneuvering to lower myself into the pool. Bringing sandals or water shoes would definitely help!

We expected the bottom of the pool to be slimy, but the seaweed was actually pretty comfortable and made the bottom feel like soft carpet! The water was also so much clearer than I thought it would be, as waves must refresh the water often.

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